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Sichuan Lanjiao Huazhen Chuanqi Lanjiao Konggu

Sichuan Lanjiao

Sichaun Lanjiao Media Co.Ltd, to be short, Sichaun Lanjiao has gradually turned into a collective and diversified modern enterprise with culture business at its core after many years’ painstaking startup. The headquarter is situated in Chengdu(the land of

Huazhen Chuanqi

Huazhen Legend Media Co.Ltd, to be short, Huazhen Legend is deeemed as an important subsidiary of Lanjiao Media, mainly running film and television culture industry. The headquarter lies in the city of Beijing(capital of China) with the registered capital

Lanjiao Konggu

Lanjiao Media Co.Ltd, to be short, Lanjiao Media was founded in February, 2019 in Las Vega (US), covering the industry of investment, finance and culture and constituting a platform for the company’s overseas development.