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Wen Zeping Has Established a Subsidiary in America and Has Recognized as the "Youth Representative of China"

Release time:2019-06-25   |   Pageview:616


Last month, Wen Zeping, a young man from a rural area of western China, established his subsidiary Lanjiao Media Co. Ltd in Las Vegas, America. This caused a sensation in South America and in his hometown, Sichuan Province. Many people are wondering who he is and how successful he is because he comes from an extremely poor family in China.

Unlike Ma Yun and Wang Sicong, who enjoy high frequencies and speeches in the industry, Wen Zeping, a director of Lanjiao Media Co.Ltd, is gentle and discreet in public. On the other side of the world, whether in Las Vegas or Wall Street, he is destined to become an entrepreneur as "China's Youth Representative" in the future.

In 1988, Wen Zeping was born in Dazhou, a city in western China. He came from a poor family. At that time, China and the West were separated. In the absence of money and personal relationships, Wen Zeping could only receive an education to outdo the others. He was admitted to Sichuan University in 2007. Wen Zeping quickly began borrowing money to start a pig manufacturing business. With more than 80 piglets, he has accumulated the first pot of gold to start a business.

More than ten years later, Wen Zeping transformed the Sichuan Lanjiao company he had founded, a small store of less than 50 square meters, into a modern 80-acre business group with nearly 1000 employees and achieving an annual turnover greater than 1 billion yuan. Recently, he invested $ 10 million to establish a Langjiao Media Co.Ltd subsidiary in Las Vegas, USA. In addition, he acquired the film and television company Huazhen Legend (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd. with a capital of 100 million RMB. This is a crucial step taken by Wen Zeping to implement its development strategy abroad.

Wen Zeping specifically mentioned that clear direction was essential for leading influential media in North America. He indicated that it was necessary to comply with the purpose of the locality, to gain the understanding and support of local people from all walks of life with the concept and expression of compliance with local policies and norms. industry, that is, internationalization.